The twits by roald dahl book report

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The twits by roald dahl book report

The Glass-Eye[ edit ] Mrs. Twit removes her glass eye and drops it in his beer mug while he isn't looking. It isn't until he empties said mug that he sees the eye sitting in there, startling him something awful.

Twit laughs, gloating that this proves she is always watching him. The Frog[ edit ] In revenge for the glass eye trick, Mr. Twit places a frog in Mrs. Twit's bedand frightens Mrs.

Twit by claiming the item in her bed is a 'Giant Skillywiggler', with "teeth like screwdrivers" with which it would bite off her toes. Twit then faints, at which point Mr.

Twit splashes a jugful of cold water onto her face. She soon recovers, as the frog hops onto her face to get near the water. Twit then claims the 'Giant Skillywiggler' will soon bite off her nose.

Twit places worms from the garden in cooked spaghetti, which Mr. Twit eats, being re-assured by Mrs. Twit that it is merely a new kind called "Squiggly Spaghetti" she has recently bought.

When he has eaten it, Mrs. Twit joyfully reveals the truth, to Mr. Twit's horror and disgust. Twit glues pieces of wood no thicker than a penny onto Mrs. Twit's cane each night, as well as onto the legs of her chairmaking Mrs.

Twit believe that she is slowly shrinking. Twit then frightens her by claiming that she has contracted an illness called the 'shrinks', by which she will be caused to disappear. Twit then claims that to cure the shrinks, Mrs.

Twit will have to be "stretched". Twit then ties Mrs. Twit up in the garden to 60 gas balloons intending to leave her there for a while to teach her a lesson.

The twits by roald dahl book report

Twit makes the mistake of saying that if the strings break, it's goodbye for her, Mr. Twit pretends to tie some more strings to her ankles, before cutting through the strings and sending her skywards. Twit eventually returns by biting through several of the balloon strings so she sinks slowly down, eventually collapsing on Mr.

Twit in the garden and beating him senseless with her long walking stick immediately afterwards. Twit uses to trap birds by spreading Hug-Tight Sticky Glue on the branches. Captive birds are then made into a pie by Mrs. During the story four schoolboys are caught instead of birds; but escape by unfastening their trousers and falling to the ground outside the Twits' garden after Mr.

Twit said that he will make boy pie instead of bird pie. It is this use of glue that gives the captive monkey Muggle-Wump and his family the idea of using it against the Twits. Rescuing the Animals[ edit ] Using their friend the Roly-Poly Bird as an interpreter of languages, Muggle-Wump and his wife and children convey the warning that any bird landing on the Big Dead Tree will be cooked into Mrs.

Twit, in retaliation, spreads glue on the monkeys' cage which serves as a substitute perchthe monkeys alter the warning. The birds end up landing on the Twits' roof. Twit, who doesn't want to keep waiting for his pie, so the Twits decide to go to the shop and buy a gun each.

During their absence on this errand, Muggle-Wump plots a final trick:Roald Dahl Book Reports From Matilda's struggles to James' escape on a giant peach Roald Dahl's books give us some wonderful characters and plots.

Here we have book report pages for some of Roald Dahl's most popular books for children to record their thoughts on the characters and stories. Puffin is proud to offer a strong new look for nine of our classic Roald Dahl titles.

The distinctive cover treatment, with new art by Quentin Blake, will make these books easily recognizable. In addition, Quentin Blake’s funny, quirky illustrations now appear in all of the books.

From Matilda's struggles to James' escape on a giant peach Roald Dahl's books give us some wonderful characters and plots. Here we have book report pages for some of Roald Dahl's most popular books for children to record .


The Twits Book Summary and Study Guide. Roald Dahl Booklist Roald Dahl Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of The Twits; Mr. and Mrs. Twit, two useless, smelly and unfriendly married people who have nothing better to do than play practical jokes and pranks on each other, have their monkeys stand upside down all the time, and make .

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The twits by roald dahl book report

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