The life and work of lucien bernhard

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The life and work of lucien bernhard

The life and work of lucien bernhard

Her father[ edit ] Pretty interesting -- a google search for lucian -lucien gets abouthits, while lucien -lucian gets aboutObviously we're not the only ones who wonder which one it actually is.

Well, all sorts of things are imaginable, e. Time and memory permitting, I'll check in an authoritative German-language encyclopedia.

Ruth told me this. However, in general, we can't use personal recollection as sources for Wikipedia; is it mentioned anywhere in any of the books about her? And for that matter -- has anyone been reprinting Lucian's posters?

Bernhard studied at the Berlin Academy of Art.

Lucian Bernhard - Graphic Arts

Women Photographers states that she studied at "Akademie der Kunst" singular. Was the singular renamed as the plural, perhaps? I don't want to guess this kind of thing. Inthe Akademie was evicted from its traditional premises; it operation was evidently suspended.

Beginning the two Akademies moved towards fusion. The history section of the en. Ruth Bernhard says she attended the Berliner Kunsthochschule.

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That's gotta be just wrong, unless ther was another such-named school pre-WWII, since the Kunsthochschule was founded in I've asked for someone at de. The Academy kind of outsourced its school in Television - Does not appear to say anything about Bernhard Hoary He eventually landed a job at the New York office of Lucien Bernhard, noted graphic designer and fellow Berliner.

In , Hajo accepted a position with the Fort Orange Paper Company in Castleton, New York.

On February 19, , the Germany artist Lucian Bernhard () arrived in New York City, already a successful graphic designer. The next year, when Elmer Adler () arranged to rent the seventh floor of the New York Times Annex for Pynson Printers, Bernhard sublet rooms from Adler and.

Lucian Bernhard Leading German type designer of the first third of the twentieth century associated with many German typefoundries and ATF. Lucian. by Bitstream.

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Lucian Bernhard was active/lived in New York. Lucian Bernhard is known for graphic design-poster style, interior design, painting, sculpure. Lucian Bernhard (–) is the father of the modern advertising poster known as the sachplakat or “object poster.” He was based in Berlin, but moved freely between New York and there.

He was based in Berlin, but moved freely between New York and there. Plakitstil and Lucien Bernhard it is a reductive, flat color design. Color became the means of showing a message with minimal information because of Lucien Bernhard's Priester poster.

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