The debate about adultery in the military

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The debate about adultery in the military

A Certain Arrogance is a recitation of eight essays on the history of international intelligence primarily U.

Albert Schweitzer College, the Unitarians, and U. Intelligence Swiss-based Albert Schweitzer College had major religious origins that were both social and political.

Post-war liberal Protestant movements in Europe, including the International Association for Religious Freedom, helped to create the college in Switzerland, the country at the center of Allen Dulles' fifty-year spy program.

Albert Schweitzer College's history strongly suggests that American espionage assets helped establish the college and then used it, possibly with the knowledge and even cooperation of some of it's supporters in the Unitarian Church movement and those who worked for the college in Switzerland.

One leading Unitarian who worked closely with both U. That same intelligence -connected Unitarian worked with a second influential Unitarian to help control U.

Those who set policy for Albert Schweitzer College were, therefore elite members of the establishment and allies of the CIA. InLee Harvey Oswald registered to attend Albert Schweitzer College and therefore became a direct link between the college and American intelligence.

Whoever masterminded the Oswald college action was knowledgeable about both the OSS's and the CIA's use of Quakers, officials of the World Council of Churches, and Unitarians as contacts, assets, and informants often as double- agents AND about the FBI's responsibility in tracking down and identifying Soviet illegal and double agents.

Oswald was, therefore, a creature of someone in American counter intelligence who possessed precisely that double body of knowledge. For those espionage groups, Lee Harvey Oswald initially looked like a candidate for their intelligence operations.

The debate about adultery in the military

A faulty False Identity operation had apparently been carried out using Lee Harvey Oswald and run by a branch of American intelligence. Oswald's imperfections were certain to trip counterespionage alarm wires. The context of the Oswald "legend" game was Switzerland, earlier the center of massive spy operations run by Allen Dulles in two world wars and the following cold war.

Oswald had called maximum attention to his strange exit from the Marines, his dubious trip to Europe, his suspicious registration to the Albert Schweitzer College, his failure to arrive at the college, and his so-called defection to the Soviet Union.

In a very short time, Oswald pilled up obviously faulty documents and suspect postal communications. What followed was a major FBI inquiry in and that apparently attempted to find then missing Oswald.

Oswald's Marine Corps record, including his Pacific duty experience and U-2 service, made him a prime candidate for Soviet civilian and military intelligence, and both American and Soviet intelligence groups were aware of his candidacy.

He was also apparently scheduled to play a part in exposing Soviet intelligence moles in activist student movements and liberal Protestant institutions like Albert Schweitzer College in both Europe and the United States. Lee Harvey Oswald looked-possibly too obviously like a false defector.

When he returned to the United States as a redefector from the Soviet Union, he was suspect: But that same profile was extremely well-suited to those who ultimately planned to murder President John F.

Oswald could be manipulated, like the religious institutions that American intelligence had used through fifty years, in a half-dozen ways and in a half-dozen on-going espionage games.

Six years or more of complex and questionable U. The threat ran from the very top of the American establishment to the grunt levels of the American military and intelligence.There was also the fact that many military positions were simply off-limits to women.

Historically, women have been able to enlist, but were prohibited, until recently, from direct combat roles. Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more. See world news photos and videos at Adultery in the Military is a Criminal Offense Members of the military are held to higher ethical standards than civilians.

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This is best exemplified by the fact most civilian jurisdictions do not prosecute cases of adultery, but the military does.

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday after confessing to an extramarital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. Petraeus was a former four-star general and top commander in Iraq and.

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If Jack says, “Maybe I committed a little adultery, but so did you Jason!” Jack is. You may be surprised to learn that adultery is not listed as an offense in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

The UCMJ is a federal law, enacted by Congress, to govern legal discipline and court martials for members of the armed forces.

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