Testing heuristics cheat sheet

Heuristic is an adjective for experience-based techniques that help in problem solving, learning and discovery. Heuristics are "rules of thumb", educated guesses, intuitive judgments or simply common sense.

Testing heuristics cheat sheet

But exploratory testing is way more than that. We know this and sometimes we need to hold the mirror up to remind ourselves.

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Exploratory testing gives us the opportunity to contribute to a product in a big way. This is an essential part of building products our customers want.

This collection of tips has helped me throughout my career as a testing professional. Far Beyond The Application 1. Exploratory testing is everywhere Don't fixate on working applications. Explore databases, systems diagrams, APIs, acceptance criteria, ideas, processes, feature files, assumptions, the UI, specifications.

Go and explore anything you can gather useful information from! Embrace the experimentation mindset Exploratory testing is an experiment mindset. Channel your curiosity and amplify your investigative approach. Seek out truth and discover answers to questions about risks and assumptions.

Testing is intimately connected to the same experimentation mindset used by the startup community. What is your current context?

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Colleagues don't always make it easy, but as testers, we can be more. I'd seen, at a previous company, we could go faster by slowing down!

As odd as it sounds I knew it would work, and it did. Look outside your expectations of the role of a tester. In my case, I took time away from testing to present a two week release cycle process to the company, and it was absolutely the right thing to do.

Testing heuristics cheat sheet

What can you do to help your team, when you look beyond your usual daily tasks? For example, you could pair with a designer to explore mockups, collaborate on story writing with a product owner or help a developer investigate a problem on their local machine.

It has everything you need to become incredible at exploratory testing. Consider how exploratory testing fits into a strategic testing model An exploratory approach benefits from test charters, Session-Based Test Management and note-taking. Dan Ashby provides a useful model for how this all fits into the bigger picture.

Be Prepared To Explore 7. Define a goal for your session Give your exploratory session purpose. Become a charter-generating machine. Elisabeth Hendrickson provides an excellent template: Explore the shopping basket with the basket API to discover security vulnerabilities 8.

Frame your tests so they address risks What are some important risks?Here it is: the Quality Tree Software, Inc. Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet, formerly only available by taking one of our testing classes.

About ehendrickson. May 11,  · Hi Friends, Please find below some tips on Testing with cheat sheet. Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet by Elisabeth Hendrickson - This is one of the best cheat sheat that you could find for testing. Heuristic Test Strategy Model by James Bach - Again, a must read.

Heuristic Risk-Based Testing by James Bach - A must read for all testers. Thanks. It took me a while to discover that I use many heuristics to guide my testing. Define a set of heuristics before exploration and refer to them to trigger ideas. The incredible Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet is a treasure trove.

Heuristics help you de-focus when you’re in too deep. Timebox your exploration. “Testing is the process of evaluating a product by learning about it through exploration and experimentation, which includes: questioning, study, modeling, Coping by cheat sheets “Test heuristics cheat sheet” by Elisabeth Hendrickson, Dale Emery und James Lyndsay.

Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and The Pragmatic.

Testing heuristics cheat sheet

Heuristics Testing Definition - Heuristics testing is the testing of algorithms, code modules or other kinds of projects where testing strategies rely.

What is Heuristics Testing? - Definition from Techopedia