Social movements in egypt

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Social movements in egypt


Yet, they are similar in that they share several historical and political factors, such as their links to nationalist movements, their links to processes of modernization and development, and tensions between secular and religious tendencies.

Specificities and differences can be found in overarching general themes, as becomes obvious in the context of two case studies—Egypt and Turkey—explored in this paper.

Turkey, unlike Egypt, has not been colonized in modern times. Regarding other historical factors that influence the current parameters of feminist discourses and activities, Kemalism, and the specific ideology of Turkish nationalism employed by the Kemalist regime, differ decisively from Nasserist and Arab nationalist ideologies associated with the Egyptian state.

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The contemporary context involves a discussion of the specific national political topography, which provides the backdrop to present-day feminist activism.

In addition to questions pertaining to political economy, state-society relations, party politics, and legislation, the question of international affiliations and relations is also taken into account.

Social movements in egypt

Publication and ordering details Pub. · Dr Tara Povey’s research focuses on social movements, neo-liberalism, gender and political movements in the Middle East.

She is the author of Social Movements in Egypt and Iran (Palgrave Macmillan, ) and she is the co-editor (with Elaheh Rostami-Povey) of Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran (Ashgate, )  · Clicks, Cabs, and Coffee Houses: Social Media and Oppositional Movements in Egypt, – Merlyna Lim Consortium of Science, Policy & Outcomes and the School of Social Transformation, Arizona State University, successful social movements in Egypt, including Kefaya, the April 6th Youth, and We  · Youth movements in Egypt played a key role in orchestrating the uprisings that overthrew Hosni Mubarak on February 11, It is crucial to note that a number of these youth movements—including Kefaya, the April 6 Movement, and others—began organizing long before and that some of these  · The Relationship between Non-Governmental Organizations and Networks of Activists of activists within social movements in Egypt discuss them individually without looking at the relationship between both and the dynamics governing this relationship.

As both are part of wider civil society, the interaction between these Yara The recent social movements in Egypt and Tunisia have been attributed to the usage of technologies such as social media (e.g.

Facebook, Twitter).

What are other examples of movements (both successful and unsuccessful) that have utilized the technology du jour? How was the technology utilized? E-mail: [email protected] 77 The Effect of Anti-Terrorism and Social Movements in Egypt Saerom Han The Gramscian approach of hegemony stresses the role of material power, and more importantly the importance of knowledge and ideas in the process of power

Social Movements and the Future of Politics from Below in the Middle East: LMEI: SOAS