Skills needed for story telling

As a parent, I want my daughter to be able to think for herself, form and defend opinion and forge her own path in life.

Skills needed for story telling

The Soldier in the day should stay still to conserve body fluids using the Space blanket below-ground shelter. As he's resting, a hole with a clear plastic stretched over the top with a canteen cup underneath could be collecting the evaporating water from the ground to gain distilled drinking water.

The Soldier can place any vegetation and urinate under the still while he's still hydrated to collect more water. Water can be drunk from Ranger Rick's drinking tube without having to dismantle the still, or wait until nightfall's movement and drink the water after dismantling it.

Can mass produce for others in unit that do not have the SERE cards. Disease causing organisms pathogens include. While water is one of the best things that you can drink, it is also one of the most dangerous.

Animals and our ancestors took their chances. Of course, many of them did not live very long. Now we know better, and there are several things that we can do to render our water safer.

Sedimentation and Sunning Even water from an apparently clear, fast running glacial stream will contain small particles of rock that will not do your insides any good. Allowing water to stand for a while allows grit and much of the suspended matter to settle to the bottom of a container, leaving the clearer upper water to be decanted off.

If you have an open or glass container then placing it in sunlight will help kill many of the harmful organisms in the first few inches of water. This doesn't work with plastic containers since most plastics absorb UV light.

Filtration of water varies in sophistication. At its crudest you may just pour the water through a cone of twisted grass or a couple of folds of bandanna to remove any debris. This water will still contain pathogens and need further treatment.

2) Knots and Connectors

At the other end of the scale are commercially produced filters of ceramic with a pore size of 0. This can be relied on to remove all bacteria, protozoa and larger parasites from the water.

In older literature you may find claims that these remove all harmful organisms from the water, including viruses, and that no further treatment was necessary. When doing some background reading it occurred to me that most viruses are smaller than 0. We contacted the Katadyn website about this, and was initially told that the filter would remove viruses attached to larger particles.

We pointed out that it was likely that free-floating viruses would also be present. To their credit, the response was "Good point, we'll look into it".

In fact, one of the older distinguishing properties of viruses was their ability to pass through porcelain filters. Notably, neither the Katadyn or MSR water filters still claim to remove viruses. Not so commendable is that some other manufactures try to downplay the risk of viral waterborne disease.

Here's a quick Myth-buster. While many types of viruses do not live long outside a host, many others do.

The polio virus can live several days or weeks in sewage ie, dirty water. If there is a host in the area then the levels of viruses will be constantly replenished anyway.

Viruses are host specific, so you are most at risk in areas where humans may have contact with the water system. In areas where there is a low chance of viral contamination using a filter such as a Katadyn may be the only treatment needed. In most parts of the Earth the water will need further treatment by heat or chemicals.

Some filters termed "Purifiers" have a device added to chemically treat the filtered water. Before leaving the topic of filtration, mention must be made of the relatively new technology of Reverse Osmosis, or Ultra-filtration. These systems use a pore size so small it can actually filter the sodium and chloride ions out of seawater to produce freshwater.Digital storytelling is a short form of digital media production that allows everyday people to share aspects of their story.

The media used may include the digital equivalent of film techniques (full-motion video with sound), stills, audio only, or any of the other forms of non-physical media (material that exists only as electronic files as opposed to actual .

One thought on “ Cause and Effect: Telling Your Story in the Right Order ” MichaelEdits November 27, at am. Telling your story in the order you think of things can be a good way to get that first draft written, but when you revise, this is .

Skills needed for story telling

Educational Web site, designed for teachers, librarians, and students,explores the use of storytelling in the classroom to enhance speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. A Story-Telling and Re-Telling Activity Bob Gibson aj7r-gbsn [at] University (Tokyo, Japan) Introduction At one time or another many teachers have watched their schedules of lesson stages crumble in the face of that excruciatingly drawn-out process of decision making by Japanese students.

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Everybody loves a good story.

Skills needed for story telling

In an age when prepackaged gospel formulations leave people cold.

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