Operational environment

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Operational environment

The launch of this satellite, which was designated GOES-O before orbiting, was delayed several times. After resolution of those problems, GOES was returned to storage. Although GOES-3 ceased to be used for weather operations init spent over 20 years as a critical part of communications between the U.

When that fuel is depleted, solar and lunar perturbations increase the satellite's inclination so that its ground track begins to describe an analemma a figure-8 in the north-south direction. This usually ends the satellite's primary mission. However, when the inclination is high enough the satellite may begin to rise above the polar horizons at the extremes of the figure-8, as was the case for GOES A nine-meter Operational environment was constructed at the station, and communication with the satellite could be obtained for about five hours per day.

Data rates were around 2. It is in a parking orbit and is drifting westerly at a rate of about 4 degrees daily. It no longer had the fuel for required maneuvers to keep it on station.

It was decommissioned on 16 December and boosted into a graveyard orbit. GOES visible light image. Purpose[ edit ] GOES data relay pattern. The three-axis, body-stabilized design enables the sensors to "stare" at the Earth and thus more frequently image clouds, monitor the Earth's surface temperature and water vapour fields, and sound the atmosphere for its vertical thermal and vapor structures.

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The evolution of atmospheric phenomena can be followed, ensuring real-time coverage of meteorological events such as severe local storms and tropical cyclones.

The importance of this capability was proven during hurricanes Hugo and Andrew The GOES spacecraft also enhance operational services and improve support for atmospheric science research, numerical weather prediction models, and environmental sensor design and development.

Additionally, anyone may receive data directly from the satellites by utilizing a small dishand processing the data with special software. During significant weather or other events, the normal schedules can be altered to provide the coverage requested by the NWS and other agencies.

Operational environment

Space Weather -- March The SESC, as the nation's "space weather" service, receives, monitors, and interprets a wide variety of solar-terrestrial data.

It also issues reports, alerts, and forecasts for special events such as solar flares or geomagnetic storms.

This information is important to the operation of military and civilian radio wave and satellite communication and navigation systems.

The information also is important to electric power networks, the missions of geophysical explorers, Space Station astronauts, high-altitude aviators, and scientific researchers.

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Payload[ edit ] The main mission of a GOES satellite is carried out by the primary payload instruments, which are the Imager and the Sounder. The Imager is a multichannel instrument that senses infrared radiant energy and visible reflected solar energy from the Earth's surface and atmosphere.

Operational environment

The Sounder provides data for vertical atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles, surface and cloud top temperature, and ozone distribution. Other instruments on board the spacecraft are the ground-based meteorological platform data collection and relay and the SEM.

The SEM consists of a magnetometeran X-ray sensor, a high energy proton and alpha particle detector, and an energetic particles sensor. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center.The World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA) is an independent, non-profit, professional organization.

It is composed of three separate, autonomous sister dredging associations, with separate corporate structures: WEDA - Western Dredging Association serving North, South and Central America; CEDA - Central Dredging Association serving Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

August 20, TRAINING AND DOCTRINE COMMAND (TRADOC) G-2 Operational Environments to The Strategic Environment for Unified Land Operations 2 Exeeccu uttiivvee SSu mmmaarryy The Army does not have the luxury of focusing on any one potential adversary or any one mission type.

EDF Energy. EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy companies and largest producer of low-carbon electricity.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe's largest energy groups, they generate around one fifth of the UK's electricity and employ around 15, people in the UK.

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The environment consists of a user interface provided by an applications manager and usually an application programming interface (API) to the applications manager. An operating environment is usually not a full operating system, but is a form of middleware that rests between the OS and the application.

Operational Environment Brief Risk Assessment Level: LOW Classification of Brief Outline Task: To inform class 12TF of the operational environment variables (PMESII-PT) . Here we have emphasized what we judge to be the most critical trends to watch in the future operational tranceformingnlp.comization – the best thing about Globalization is the expanded transfer of goods, ideas, technology and people.

Operational Policy (ADS) | U.S. Agency for International Development