Nature in which boat floats

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Nature in which boat floats

How to solder the terminals on battery cables. Prevent V Electrical Fires From Destroying Your Boat When you have an electrical overload on your shore power or a generator, especially on an unattended boat, it can fall into one of two categories. If the current is greater than the fuse or circuit breaker setting, the circuit is interrupted and the fire is prevented.

BUT if the current is high, but not enough to blow the fuse or breaker, that heat energy is being generated somewhere, usually in the wiring between the power source and the short or partial short.

This heat will slowly heat the wire until the insulation starts to melt and smoke, then eventually catch fire. Electrical insulation smoke tends to be very dense and detectable. The detectors should be of the Infra Red Optical type since they are much more immune to false alarms than the ionization chamber types, especially in a galley.

This is a circuit breaker which has an additional magnetic coil which trips the breaker when volts is applied to it. Now when the smoke from the electrical fault is detected by the smoke detector it transmits a signal to the receiver which closes the volt circuit to the main breaker which disconnects the power source before the fire starts.

This project involves major wiring changes to your shore power connection. If you are not thoroughly experienced in electrical wiring practises, especially related to marine installations, you should have a professional installer do this work.

Battery Saver This is an empirical article is Nature in which boat floats on 10 years of cruising experience, with no technical verification. WARNING, if you are not competent in 12 volt marine wiring practises you should have a professional installer perform this installation.

The deep cycle batteries or battery banks usually found in cruising boats were designed for deep cycling. This may seem rather obvious but it turns out that if you don't deep cycle them you can destroy them.

This is no problem when you are cruising away from shore power but for those long stays at the dock you need to take protective measures. With a battery charger maintaining a constant voltage, those intermittent loads such as flushing a toilet or running a water pump take just a tiny charge off the top of the battery capacity which is replaced in a few minutes by the charger.

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This short cycle, always at the same place on the battery plates can produce a layer which can materially reduce the capacity of your expensive battery bank and shorten its life drastically. There are two solutions. This has the problem of remembering to turn it back on and also that you are using up the cycle life of your expensive battery bank.

A much better solution is to completely disconnect the battery bank from your system and replace it with a regular automotive starting battery.

These batteries are designed to operate in this manner and one small battery is adequate for supporting those intermittent 12 volt loads with the help of the on line charger.

You probably are voiding the warranty by using it on a boat but you will be getting a battery that will support the load for many years at minimal cost. West Marine sells an economical single pole battery switch which makes the changeover simple.

Put one in series with the battery being isolated so it can be disconnected. Leave the cheapo 12 volt in circuit all the time - it adds a little extra capacity.

If your now isolated house battery is of the maintenance free type, it can be left idle for long periods with no significant loss of life but your should put them back on charge once or twice a year to keep them ready. If they are the lead-acid type, you will need to check the voltage more often.

The typical battery box serves a number of purposes. In addition to mechanical support, the obvious one is to contain acid and water spills and the nasty damage they can do.

Nature in which boat floats

There is, however, a very important function that is used rarely but can be vital to survival and a function that is often negated by incorrect installation.

The battery box is designed usually to protect the battery from salt water in the event of a dunking. During an emergency you could need the battery to get an engine started or maintain a bilge pump so you don't want salt water shorting it out, causing steam, chlorine or worse problems.

This function is achieved by having a bubble of air trapped under the battery box lid. If it remains reasonably horizontal, it will also prevent water ingress to the box itself as the bubble extends down below the lip of the box.

So in view of this desired function, always make the electrical connections with the wire coming vertically through the access skirts in the lid. Also, avoid purchasing battery boxes made by uninformed manufacturers that have "knock-out" holes or vent holes already in the lid.

Automatically disable your refrigerator when there is no 12V charging source.

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This is a simple way to make sure you don't discharge or even destroy your house battery by forgetting to turn off your refrigerator load. Many installations only have the capacity to support the refrigeration while on shore power or when the engine is running.

But a manual switch is often forgotten when you start the engine, wasting refrigeration time, or even worse, you forget to turn it off and deplete your battery after the engine is turned off.This shopping feature will continue to load items.

Nature in which boat floats

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It is the most basic boat design, characterised by the absence of a classic raft is constructed by lashing several logs, placed side by side, to two or more additional logs placed transverse to the others.

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Cruising on our Alappuzha houseboat is an experience in itself, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala, and especially the unique, exotic beauty of the backwaters, to the fullest.

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