Interview with world war two nurse essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Sharon has held the position of House Supervisor at a hospital in Morristown Tennessee since Sharon graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in and has worked in the medical field since. Sharon has always enjoyed helping people and for this reason she became a nurse.

Interview with world war two nurse essay

These people represent a wide and diverse range of those living in that area at the time: As such, questions were asked during the interviews about their lives prior to, during, and after the war. Upon beginning to compile this information I realized that there was much more information in these interviews than I could use in my original book idea, yet I find this information to still be very interesting and valuable to both the historian and history buff alike.

What follows are two of these interviews — a husband and wife, both of who lived through the war years — which are expressed, whenever possible, using the exact words and colloquialisms spoken by the interviewees. As such, as is the prevailing custom, I have chosen to insert ellipses whenever the interviewee halts his speech or leaves a sentence or phrase partially or wholly unfinished.

In addition, only slight alterations or additions have been made, when in not doing so would have made it difficult for the average reader to easily follow. These will appear, as is customary, in brackets, or in the case of short corroborative text, in parenthesis.

The later solely to help the reader understand locations and other non-readily apparent subject material. My interview questions and comments, and those of Mr. James Laird of the Waupun, Wisconsin, Historical Society, who attended the interview and also asked a few questions, appear in bold.

Any miss-quotes of the interview, misspellings of personal or place names, or editing, spelling, or punctuation errors are solely my responsibility.

Interview with world war two nurse essay

As such, I most humbly apologize in advance for any such inaccuracies. The interview lasted a total of Charles and Nova sat, each at one end of a couch so only one was in the camera view at a time, listening and at times assisting each other during their separate interviews.

James Laird of the Waupun Historical Society assisted the author in conducting these interviews asking several questions of both Charles and Nova. At the time Charles was eighty-six years old, Nova was eighty-five, and both were alert and articulate and proved to be very willing to talk about their experiences in or during the war.

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Charles was interviewed first. What is your full name? I know a lot of people born in the early twentieth century were not born in a hospital, but at home.

Where and when were you born? In the town of Springvale. That would be Brandon, Wisconsin, for an address. Springvale is a township…, our house was in. Springvale and Brandon are approximately ten miles northwest of Waupun. What date were you born? May 5th, …, 5th or 6th, something.

My mother always said I was born on [the] 6th. Then I needed a birth certificate and I got a hold of one, then it was the 5th. For about fifteen years it was [the] 6th and after then…, family says 6th, and legally it is 5th, so.

Who were your parents? Pete and Tina Vellema. Do you have any brothers or sisters? What were their names?The world today is still living with the consequences of World War II. Lasting from September 1, to September 2, it went on exactly six years and one day. In just that length of time, 45 million people were killed in the war, and about 12 million Europeans were left homeless.

- World War I and World War II During the ’s two wars broke out among the nations, World War One and World War Two. These wars brought about famine, debt death and even freedom. Although some of the results were the same, they were fought with significant different war tactics.

In this June 19, photo Susie Bain poses in Austin, Texas, with a photo of herself when she was one of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) during World War II.

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Interview - Being Prepared Is Half the Battle Essays. Words Jun 18th, 8 Pages. Battle The Battle of Okinawa (codenamed Operation Iceberg) proved to be the deadliest battle on the Pacific side of World War II. The battle involved six countries and more than , casualties. Essay Master's- Prepared Nurse Interview.

Write a brief (~2 page) analysis of the film. Do not summarize it. Think of what the producers are saying, relate it to what you are learning in . The Army Nurse Corps in World War II More than 59, American nurses served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. Nurses worked closer to the front lines than they ever had before.

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