Internship report on training and development

Banking sector is going ahead with the improvement new technological innovation.

Internship report on training and development

Human Resource Management Topic: Employee attitude are evaluative statement either favorable or unfavorable concerning objects, people, or events. Employee reflect how one feels about something.

Attitudes are not the same as value but the two are interrelated. In organizations, attitudes are important because they affect job behavior. Objective of the study The objectives of the study are as follows: The main objectives of the study is to find out the influential factors which pursued by employees in training and development.

To identify the relationship between employee satisfaction and training and development. To identify the general information of training and development and employee perceptions.

Methodology The study is basically quantitative in nature. This analysis is based on the primary data collected from different organizations. Data have been collected from respondents from 5 different sectors namely Pharmaceuticals, Textile, NGO, Banking and Insurance sectors.

The sample technique used is non probabilistic in nature, more specifically sample is purposively taken from different occupational groups.

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The data are collected by using self-administered questionnaires from each respondent. Here the factor analysis, factor matrices are rotated by using varimax rotation technique for analyzing the data for identifying the relationship between job satisfaction and performance of employees.

The people within an organization are its human resource. The broader concept of national and more strategic attention to the development of human resources is beginning to emerge as newly independent countries face strong competition for their skilled professionals and the accompanying brain-drain they experience.

Internship report on training and development

Reasons for employee training range from new-hire training about operation, to introducing a new concept to a workgroup to bringing in a new computer system. Reason for conducting an employee training session, need to develop the employee training within the framework of a comprehensive, on going, and consistent employee training program.

This quality employee training program is essential to keep staff motivated about learning new concepts and department profitable. Program with an overview of the job expectations and performance skills needed to perform the job functions. A new hire training program provides a fundamental understanding of the position and how the position fits within the organizational structure.

A training program begins with the creation of an employee training manual, in either notebook format or online.

This manual acts as a building block of practical and technical skills needed to prepare the new individual for his or her position. In order for the department to understand current policies and procedures, a manager must ensure the department manuals or online employee training are kept current.

Another of training includes having the new associate train directly next to an existing associate. This type of employee training allows the new associate to see first hand the different facets of the position.I am pleased to submit the internship report as a partial fulfillment of the BBA program.

I tried my best to prepare this internship report on “ Training and development of SIBL. ” as per your guideline. I worked sincerely to cover all aspects regarding the matter. With due respect, I beg your permission to submit my report named “Internship report on employee training and development system of Sonali Bank Ltd.” Our BBA program required to prepare an internship report based on the experience at the end of the program.

A project report on training and development with reference to hal Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The report on “Training and Development Process of NRB Global Bank Limited”. To complete the study I had to work in the hr department of the bank.

During my internship period I 5/5(6). training and development process varies from department to department, therefore, from the full range of departments of Research, Analysis, Project Management, Commercial, Information Technology, Human Resource, and Media & Panel; I chose to make the report on the whole.

development. In this report, I hope to highlight the enormous opportunities offered by WACSI to have finished this internship report; My contribution consisted of logistic support during the training by providing all necessary training materials to trainers and participants.

I also wrote Post Evaluation Reports at the end of training.

Internship Report - Assignment Point