Cricket mania gripping india essay

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Cricket mania gripping india essay

Cricket runs as the life flowing blood through the veins of the multitude. The madness with which it has gripped the ignoramus masses of our country is evident from their complete capitulation to its god-like worship. I am not being even the least sardonic when I say this, but unfortunately this is the sorry state of affairs in our country.

Cricket has sounded a death knell to the growth of other sports. Traditional Indian games like hockey, kabaddi, kushti have been relegated to a bygone era. We hail cricket as the be all and end all of all sports.

Hockey, time and again has shown features of atavism. This so called National Sport of India has shown the most inconsistent progress, if it can actually be called progress.

There was a time when India did win the Hockey World Cup in and people showed a keen interest in the sport, but not so anymore. The sport has died a natural death from lack of leadership and sponsorship.

Rather, it would be more apt to say due to a diversion of sponsors to cricket We do have a Sania Mirza, a Leander Paes and a Mahesh Bhupati bringing laurels to the country in the field of tennis; a Vishwanathan Anand in the field of chess.

Then why have chess and tennis not been accorded their true status as cricket has been? Prime time on television is given to cricket. All ace cricketers are forever in the news, be it for their promotion of various brands which has regretfully become a second money minting business for them, or for their liaison with some damsel from Bollywood.

I would want to ask a question, how many of us actually know the captain of the Indian hockey team? What have we done with the state of sports in our country! There is not one single person reprehensible for this, but the nation as a whole is responsible for only nurturing one seed and murdering its fellow counterparts.

Neither am I against any sort of privileges being given to cricket.

Cricket mania gripping india essay

Instead, lets take inspiration from cricket and allow sportspersons from other fields to have the same opportunities, earnings and affections as well.Cricket mania gripping india essay Demographic transition model essay.

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