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The Swiss culture is one of great formality. When meeting another business professional it is important to remember to shake hands and refer to that person by their last name.

Country notebook switzerland

Ports Basel is the only port with access to the sea H. A written contract of employment is not required except in certain special cases.

For most workers, the maximum work-week is 45 hours, although overtime is permitted. The limit on hours does not apply to managers. Maternity leave is available, and return to work is only permitted after a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. Compensation is payable if pregnancy results in termination of employment.

Non-competition agreements between employers and employees are permitted, up to three years, and with safeguards for the employee. Sickness is not a reasonable cause of termination, on a sliding scale which permits up to days of sickness after six years of employment.

The legislation is not specific, and in the event of a dispute, a judge in court not a tribunal will decide. Country notebook switzerland are some rules about compensation for termination, but they are not onerous. World Bank, World Development Indicators 1.

There are no controls on inward investment, or on the repatriation of profits or capital on disinvestment, other than applicable taxes see Direct Corporate Taxation. There are also a few traditional, mainly rural, Country notebook switzerland in long-term decline in which the Government offers rather more generous financial support.

International trade statistics The major exports of Switzerland are machinery, electronics, and chocolate. Principal Swiss exports were machinery, chemicals, metals, watches and agricultural products. Leading suppliers of Swiss imports included Germany Balance-of-payments situation Switzerland reported a balance of trade surplus equivalent to 2.

Trade has been the key to prosperity in Switzerland. Swiss main exports are: The country imports mostly machinery, chemicals, vehicles, metals; agricultural products and textiles.

Current rate of exchange Exchange Rate 1. After more than 4 years of negotiations, an agreement known as the "Bilaterals I" covering seven sectors research, public procurement, technical barriers to trade, agriculture, civil aviation, land transport, and the free movement of persons entered into force on June 1, Switzerland has so far attempted to mitigate possible adverse effects of non-membership by conforming many of its regulations, standards, and practices to EU directives and norms.

Full access to the Swiss market for the original 15 EU member states entered into force in Juneending as a result the "national preference".

The Swiss agreed to extend these preferences to the 10 new EU members on September 25,but restrictions remain until A referendum was held in February on the Bilaterals I and the extension of the free movement of persons to Romania and Bulgaria. Quotas The reintroduction of quotas would have had a limited impact and would have resulted in more paperwork, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, the justice ministry said.

The impact would therefore be relatively modest as a result," the government said in a statement following a meeting on Wednesday. The normal VAT rate is 7. VAT is calculated on the transaction value of the goods, plus all charges to the port of entry including freight and insurance plus the amount of customs duty, if any.

Country notebook switzerland

Most importers have a VAT number. Refunds Importers may be eligible for VAT refund on goods that are re-exported from Switzerland within 60 days of import. For example, the goods do not meet order requirements and are returned to the foreign shipper. The importer must be able to provide proof that the goods were imported and re-exported within the 60 days period for them to be VAT-free.

Some goods are also eligible for refunds on customs duties depending on the circumstances and providing that the refund claim is submitted within regulatory deadlines. Other Taxes Switzerland imposes additional taxes on certain commodities.

A monopoly tax is applied to most alcoholic products. Tobacco, mineral oils and lubricants, vehicles, and volatile organic chemicals are also subject to additional taxes at time of import. Tariffs Tariff Schedule of Switzerland.

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In some circumstances, anti-dumping or countervailing measures, which result in the imposition of additional rates of duty, may also apply. As a member of the World Trade Organization, Switzerland provides preferential duty treatment to developing nations under the Generalized System of Preferences.

Manual entry is normally used only for goods that accompany a person entering Switzerland.Nov 23,  · Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura.

Its area is 41, km2 (15, sq mi). The Swiss population of approximately million people concentrates mostly on the Plateau, where the largest cities are to be found.

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Switzerland has one of the highest numbers of Newspapers; this is partly due to the language influences throughout the country. 1/3 of the papers are written in German, 1/4 in French, and smaller amounts in Italian and Romansh.

The papers reach a wide range of . Switzerland is known for their expanded communication structure throughout the country. The internet is another popular source for communication as it is becoming one of the main forms for many countries.

Country notebook switzerland

Transcript of Country Notebook India. CONGRATS! INTERNATIONAL MARKET EXPANSION Sabin Jeana Meggenn Leonie Country overview Social aspects Economic facts Beauty & Cosmetic Switzerland (%). Indian Cosmetics Industry @ a Glance: Market . switzerland Tuesday, November 23, Country notebook swiz.

I. Cultural Analysis Introduction: Switzerland is a landlocked country geographically divided between the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura. Its area is 41, km2 (15, sq mi).


Apr 17,  · As many know, Switzerland takes pride in their ability to avoid dispute and maintain a neutral position. During business negotiations the Swiss are known for their ability to stay calm and get what they want without being aggressive.

Country Notebook: Switzerland: Business Customs and Practices