College football vs nfl 2 essay

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College football vs nfl 2 essay

Today, many professional athletes and coaches are speaking out about sports specialization. Football legends like Dabo Swinney and Urban Meyer have discussed why their recruiting boards include multi-sport athletes.

Houston Texans defensive end, J. Watthas also addressed the sports specialization debacle. He frequently speaks out explaining kids will be better athletes for playing multiple sports. Swinney believes that the experiences gained from being on various sports teams are essential for quality athletes.

Every athlete is different, and there are some real risks and rewards for specializing too early. The same goes for playing too many sports.

Some athletes benefit from playing multiple sports in a year while other athletes need a break between seasons. Playing sports provides kids with a lot of positive benefits: However, sometimes if athletes push themselves too hard, sports can become a negative part of their lives.

People think that athletes need to put all of their eggs into one basket to ensure their chances of being good at one particular sport. Look at this statistic: There are clear benefits of playing multiple sports in high school.

Since apparently some of the most talented professional athletes competed in other sports in their off seasons. Pros and Cons of Multi-Sport Athletes Developing Different Skills — Typically athletes who participate in multiple sports have the ability to develop skills that complement other sports.

For example, if a football player runs track or plays basketball, he can further improve his footwork and hand-eye coordination. Although footwork and hand-eye coordination are not the same, understanding how to use those body parts makes it easier for athletes to improve in all sports.

For most athletes being pushed to play year round can cause them to lose the passion they once had. Choosing One Sport — A major difficulty for elite athletes is deciding which sport they want to play in college.

So, it can be hard for someone who is a standout football and baseball player or softball and soccer stud to choose between sports. But a problem for multiple sport athletes is getting injured in a sport that they play in their offseason.

That injury could cause problems for them in their main sport or worse; they could miss time in their primary sport. Pros and Cons of Specializing in One Sport Perfecting Skills- Focusing energy on one sport and one set of skills is a great way to master a sport.

Confidence — If an athlete specializes in one particular sport they have the ability to become confident in their abilities, which is a great thing. Confidence is key to being the best player on the field or court. More Frequent Burnout — Athletes who tend to spend all of their time on one sport frequently experience burnout from doing the same things over and over again.

Overuse Injuries — These types of injuries are prevalent for one sport athletes because of the constant repetitive motions. These are just some things to think about when deciding what athletic path to take.

Neither path is better than the other.

College football vs nfl 2 essay

It all just depends on what an athlete wants to do. Do they want to spend all of their time focusing on one sport or split up their time between multiple sports? However, earlier we stated that college coaches tend to recruit or want multiple sport athletes.Professional Football Researchers Association - PFRA.

Posted: May 6, Coffin Corner Vol. 40, No. 2 Download: Members Only PFRA-ternizing. College Football vs.

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the NFL The game of football is clearly the most popular sport around the United States. The subject of college football versus professional football includes a topic of many debates among football fans across America.

The defensive holding penalty in college football is 10 yards whereas it’s only 5 yards in the NFL. In college football, games cannot end in a tie – the teams must . Multi-Sport Athletes vs.

Single Sport Athletes – The Pros and Cons. The city hosts the Florida–Georgia game, an annual college football game between the University of Florida and the University of Georgia, and the TaxSlayer Bowl, a post-season college bowl game.

Jacksonville's two universities compete in NCAA Division I: the University of North Florida Ospreys and the Jacksonville University Dolphins, both in the Atlantic Sun Conference. There is No Two-Minute Warning in college football: This is key factor close games when time is running down.

At the two-minute mark in the NFL, there is a mandatory time-out—or pause in the game—that is not attributed to either team.

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