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When Marvin died in Florida almost years later, he had become to the world of business and man- agement what Thomas Edison was to technology. Both men were elected to the Business Hall of Fame. I am a professional.

An organizations short term investment options for idle cash include what dour areas list and provid

Selected video is also available on OpenSource. Korea Threatens War If U. British Official to 'Al-Sharq al-Awsat': The single negotiating team, formed last year to hold consultations with WTO members on the simultaneous accession of the three countries, is still active, RIA Novosti quoted Mr.

The team is in talks with the European Union and the United States, he said. The vice premier noted that Russia had the smallest number of issues that remained to be settled with trading partners.

An organizations short term investment options for idle cash include what dour areas list and provid

Minsk Belorusskiye Novosti Online in English -- Online newspaper published by Belapan, and independent news agency often critical of the Belarusian Government Material in the World News Connection is gene rally copyrighted by the source cited.

Permission for use must be obtained from the copyright holder. So it-s an interesting thought exercise to imagine how a nationalsecurity adviser with the secretive, back- channel style of a Kissinger orBrzezinski would play America-s diplomatic hand now.

Mind you, I-mnot suggesting what policies these two would actually recommend today butinstead, what a more creative diplomatic approach might produce in a time ofdifficulty. When I say 'creative,' what I partly mean is devious. BothKissinger and Brzezinski did not always state publicly what they were doing inprivate.

After the Arab-Israeli war, Kissinger opened a secretintelligence channel to the Palestine Liberation Organization, at the very timehe was branding it a terrorist group and refusing open recognition.

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Similarsecret conversations surrounded the entire Arab-Israeli peace process. Not all of Kissinger-s machinations were successful: He blessed a Syrianintervention in the Lebanese civil war in to aid the Christians againstthe Palestinian Liberation Organization that arguably still causes trouble.

Buthe created space and options for an America that had otherwise been weakened b ythe Vietnam war. Brzezinski, too, was adept at concealing his hand and adding heft to thedrifting presidency of Jimmy Carter.

When an emboldened Soviet Union marchedinto Afghanistan, Brzezinski crafted a secret intelligence alliance with Chinaand Pakistan to check the Soviets. Here, too, we are still living with some ofthe negatives. But it must be said, the Soviet Union is no more.

Let-s look at how this approach might be applied today in four problemareas: Again, I want to stress these gambits are in the style of thevenerable strategists but not necessarily what they would advocate now.

Iraq is a place where America, having fought a messy war, must now shapepolitical outcomes with minimal use of force. It-s a place where you haveto hope the CIA has been busy making friends and contacts, and where a strongUS ambassador will be essential.

It-s good that Vice President Joe Bidenspent the Jul y 4 weekend there, urging formation of a new government. He metall the right parties; now he and the new ambassador, Jim Jeffrey, will need topull those strings hard.

An organizations short term investment options for idle cash include what dour areas list and provid

When the open road seems blocked,that-s a time to experiment with new passages. History tells us that whenAmerica makes secret contact with rejectionist groups, they split; that-swhat happened with the PLO in The India-Pakistan stalemate has been in the 'too hard' box foryears.

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But as with negotiations in the s between Britain and the IrishRepublican Army over Northern Ireland, America can subtly encourage greatercontact between two parties - and facilitate the exchanges ofcounterterrorism intelligence and military information that will be essentialin building confidence.

India-s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wants a settlement; the US must encourage reciprocal moves by Pakistan that make bothcountries safer. Finally, there is the sublime strategic challenge of Afghanistan. The arrivalof General David Petraeus is a useful 'X-factor' there.

He willgive the Taliban second thoughts about the otherwise shaky proposition that theUnited States and its allies can reverse the enemy-s momentum on thebattlefield.The National Social Security Fund’s (NSSF’s) turbulent boardroom politics spilled over to the public arena with workers’ representative Fran- cis Atwoli sensationally claiming Sh billion was looted from the Fund and declaring August 4 a national work boycott day to protest his re- moval from its board and State’s interference in its affairs.

Kayagum (Korean Zither) player Grace Jong Eun Lee performs at the Chan Centre. Grace Jong Eun Lee is a composer and a p erformer dedicated to inter-culturalism. She received her Bachelor of Music and Master of Music from the University of British Columbia (Piano and Com position).

FDI list for southern states, ranks third in the overall list, P. VinodKumar, FE.B, 04, C 1 0) In its World Investment Report released from manufacturing to services, here, Unctad said world FDI flows have shifted cornering.

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and 10 p.m. T-bills are short-term securities that mature in one year or less from their issue date. They are issued with three-month, six- month and one-year maturities (T-Bills, ). Second is CDs, a certificate of deposit is a promissory note issued by a bank.

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