An examination of the causes of the holocaust

The reasons for the Holocaust Why did the Nazis direct all their anger and all their accusations against the Jews? This was not a specifically German phenomenon. A widespread hatred of the Jews can be found in the writings of Martin Luther and it was an important part of the self-perception of many Christians.

An examination of the causes of the holocaust

The following questions are routinely posed by "Historical Revisionists" in their efforts to deny the existence of the Holocaust.

Holocaust | The reasons for the Holocaust

The responses to these arguments are posted here. This page is a collection of many links on the Internet that offer information about how that happened. Before you get started, the following three questions will be brainstormed with the class, to set up the problem, familiarize you with the terminology and historical background.

The Series Editor teacher will facilitate, making notes, concept-mapping at the chalkboard. The result should be saved, for reference by your group, to remind you of the various aspects of the problem. What do we know?

What do we need to know? Where can we find out what we need to know? Your job as a member of the Series team is to locate and examine the "Denialist" arguments.

An examination of the causes of the holocaust

Then research the facts of history to determine if there is any basis for the "Denialist" claims. You may also note any similarities between the beliefs of the "Denialists" and the perpetrators of the Holocaust i.

You will, of course, need to produce the highest quality documentation for your work. Your grade will be based on these criteria: Before you get started you will need to create a list of the most effective and useful places to do your research.

An examination of the causes of the holocaust

Make a list of the questions to be answered, and kinds of information you will need to answer them. Keep accurate documentation of your sources, so that they can be checked in the event that you are challenged.

You will be expected to report your progress in our daily editorial briefings, so that we can react to new facts and data that are uncovered.

Due to the complexity of events related to the Holocaust, you will be assigned to groups. Each of the groups will focus on various aspects of the problem.

Causes and Motivations

One will zero in on: You are in groups ofand assigned roles as reporters, writers, researchers, or other related roles. You should all contribute to the project work, and your individual contributions highlighted during the regular briefing sessions.

Regular briefings of the groups by your Series Editor your teacher will be used to check and guide your progress. Both the research progress and your approach to the problem will be reviewed, making sure that all students are contributing; that they are making use of the resources, and are focused on the solution of the problem.

Learning Advice It is important that your work meets the criteria outlined in the Memo from the Managing Editor, and outlined in the Process section. The basic questions must be answered. Your use of a variety of information resources, the citation of the resources used, and use of technology for presentation must be observed or documented.

Evaluation The final group report is a minute presentation to the Series Editor your teacher and class. The report may take any shape the teacher feels is appropriate.The reasons for the Holocaust. W hy did the Nazis direct all their anger and all their accusations against the Jews?.

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The answer to this question lies in the strong anti-Semitic tradition in Europe, which predated the Nazis’ rise to power.

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Because the Holocaust involved people in different roles and situations living in countries across Europe over a period of time—from Nazi Germany in the s to German-occupied Hungary in —one broad explanation regarding motivation, for example, “antisemitism or “fear,” clearly cannot fit all.

An examination of the holocaust denial. Holocaust studies also include responses to the holocaust deborah e lipstadt is the foremost scholar working in the area of holocaust denial and has done extensive research into american responses to the holocaust by examining the public discourses during and after the event.

Nevertheless, the causes of the holocaust are many and varied as opposed to being though to have been Hitler alone. Though Hitler was to squarely be blamed for he was the German leader at the time of the holocaust, the causes of the holocaust were gradual and cumulative for over an expansive period of time.

Holocaust, accompanied with the negative psychological effects holocaust survivors faced as a result of these factors, Jewish survivors did not want to stay in Europe following WWII and this resulted in a refugee crisis with a mass exodus of Jews from Europe.