A research on christian crusades and muslim jihads

Just Wars, Holy Wars, and Jihads:

A research on christian crusades and muslim jihads

Jihad is litterally a "struggle.

Nov 15,  · Christian Crusade v Muslim Jihad: How medieval reactions prompted modern attitudes The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, but it is indisputable that, . Dec 19,  · The earliest stories of Muslim atrocities committed against Christians, comparable to the First Crusade, in fact, did not occur until the end of . The jihad is intrinsic to the sacred Muslim texts, including the divine Qur’anic revelation itself, whereas the Crusades were circumscribed historical events subjected to (ongoing and meaningful) criticism by Christians themselves.

Jihad with the self is the highest and most valuable form of jihad, while jihad by the sword is the lowest. When most non-Muslims think of jihad, they automatically assume holy war, although jihad by the sword couldn't be further.

Jihad comes with its rules and terms. No innocent is to be harmed not even a treeprisoners should recieve the best care and respect, and it should be done in defense of an attack or against an unjust ruler Sadam fits the description and not to transgress limits. A person living as a Muslim who decides to blow up some people because he's angry at the West is in now way whatsoever jihad.

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Sources Used in Document: Economics, stale memes, and distraction from productive activity Monday, February 09, Crusades vs. Especially funny darkly funny are the scattered attempts to defend the Crusades and the Inquisition.

In fact, someone who does this has completely disregarded the greater jihad jihad with the self. I don't know what the Crusades mean to Christians aside from a historical context.

A research on christian crusades and muslim jihads

But from reading history, the Crusades were carried out in an attempt to gain Christian rule over all of Europe and the Middle East. They even tried going as far as Egypt, but failed. Many Christians claim that the Crusades were because Muslims were killing Christians and taking over their lands, but history proves otherwise.

Also, Muslims were not the only enemy in the minds of the Crusaders. Many Jews and Pagans suffered from the Crusades as well, which furthers my own belief that the Crusades were more of an imperialistic attempt to take over as much as they possibly could.

In my mind, that is in no way whatsoever just, nor at all similar to jihad.

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It's my opinion that the term jihad is viewed in a negative light these days because of the interpretation that jihad means holy war, and any Muslim that fights aggressively is doing jihad. The Crusades are only recently getting negative feedback because at a time it was seen as spreading the Word of God, and not a political move.

A research on christian crusades and muslim jihads

But I also know that jihad has a deep spiritual meaning, and I'm unaware if Crusades have the same meaning to Christians, so it doesn't seem as religious to me as it does political.Just Wars, Holy Wars, and Jihads explores the development of ideas of morally justified or legitimate war in Western and Islamic civilizations.

Historically, these ideas have been grouped under three labels: just war, holy war, and jihad.

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A large body of literature exists exploring the development. Clearly this guy doesn't understand that a lot of these conquests into Europe were not jihads (though the definition and idea of jihad varies greatly), they were conquests by individual Muslim dynasties, and not some sort of universal Ummah supported operation like the Crusades were intended to be for the Western and Eastern Christian worlds.

CHRISTIAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE PO Box , Charlotte, NC Article: JAI MUSLIM JIHAD, CHRISTIAN CRUSADES: WHICH CAME FIRST? This article first appeared in the From the Editor column of the Christian Research Journal, Many Muslims and Muslim sympathizers view Islamic jihad or “holy war. The Crusades Weren’t Commanded, Jihad Is As Qureshi reveals, “jihad was commanded by Muhammed and the Quran, both in principle and in reality.” () By contrast, “for the first years after Jesus Christians never fought a single battle,” reflecting his commands against violence.

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective is a four-part documentary series telling the dramatic story of the crusades seen through Arab eyes, from the seizing of Jerusalem under Pope Urban II in , to.

Jihad vs Crusades - Whenever you’re dealing with an apologist for Islam, or even a Muslim, and you bring up jihad, almost immediately, they kickback to you: “But what about those terrible crusades?

Extracting a narrow concept of the Christian Crusades is a paled attempt to market Jihad as an equivalent and deliver that sadism to western.

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