A recollection of an experience during a little old sunday drive

I am trying to locate information and if possible drawings of the two buses in the attached images. They are both of the Cream Bus Service Ltd. I believe one is a Carrier CY and the other a Ford.

A recollection of an experience during a little old sunday drive

Christopher Columbus was a man of lively imagination. Had he been an ordinary, prosaic and plodding individual, he would have stayed at home combing wool as did his prosaic and plodding ancestors for several generations. At the age of fourteen he went to sea and soon developed an active curiosity about regions then unknown but believed to exist.

There was even then some knowledge of western Asia, and even of China as approached from the west. Two and two being properly put together, the result was a reasonable argument that China and India could be reached from the other direction, that is, by going westward instead of eastward.

In the early autumn of the yearColumbus was busy discovering islands in the Caribbean Sea region, and, incidentally, seeking for the richest of the group. From dwellers on other islands, he heard of one, called Cubanacan, larger and richer than any that he had then discovered.

A mixture of those tales with his own vivid imagination produced a belief in a country of wide extent, vastly rich in gold and gems, and already a centre of an extensive commerce.

Cruising in search of what he believed to be the eastern coast of Asia, he sighted the shore of Cuba on the morning of October 28, His journal, under date of October 24, states: And so I think it must be the island of Cipango Japanof which they tell such wonders.

The mouth of the estuary had twelve fathoms depth, and it was wide enough for a ship to work into. There is general acceptance of October 28 as the date of arrival. Some contend that on that day he entered Nipe Bay, while others, and apparently the greater number, locate the spot somewhat to the west of Nuevitas.

Wherever he first landed on it, there is agreement that he called the island Juana, in honor of Prince Juan, taking possession "in the name of Christ, Our Lady, and the reigning Sovereigns of Spain. It is known that he sailed some leagues beyond it, to the westward.

While on board his caravel, on his homeward voyage, he wrote a letter to his friend, Don Rafael Sanchez, "Treasurer of their most Serene Highnesses," in which the experience is described.

A recollection of an experience during a little old sunday drive

The original letter is lost, but it was translated into Latin and published in Barcelona in the following year, While the Latin form is variously translated into English, the general tenor of all is the same. I did not, however, discover upon the coast any large cities, all we saw being a few villages and farms, with the inhabitants of which we could not obtain any communication, they flying at our approach.

I continued my course, still expecting to meet with some town or city, but after having gone a great distance and not meeting with any, and finding myself proceeding toward the north, which I was desirous, to avoid on account of the cold, and, moreover, meeting with a contrary wind, I determined to return to the south, and therefore put about and sailed back to a harbor which I had before observed.

Columbus appears to have been greatly impressed by the beauty of the island.

A recollection of an experience during a little old sunday drive

He gives utterance to these feelings with characteristic enthusiasm, and at the same time with the artlessness and simplicity of diction of a child. When speaking of some lovely scene among the groves, or along the flowery shores of these favored islands, he says, "One could live there forever.

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Granting all that is to be said of Cuba's scenic charms, some allowance is to be made for two influences. One is Don Cristobal's exuberance, and the other is the fact that when one has been knocking about, as he had been, for nearly three months on the open sea and among low-lying and sandy islands and keys, any land, verdure clad and hilly, is a picture of Paradise.

Many people need only two or three days at sea to reach a similar conclusion. In his letter to Luis de Santangel, Columbus says: The land is high, and exhibits chains of tall mountains which seem to reach to the skies and surpass beyond comparison the isle of Cetrefrey Sicily.

These display themselves in all manner of beautiful shapes.Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in The Tension Experience’s Ascension. As Ascension will never occur again, spoilers should not be a major concern.

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