1 why do you think ge has invested so aggressively in foreign expansion

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1 why do you think ge has invested so aggressively in foreign expansion

The power structure's propaganda machine has been put into high gear in a last ditch desperate attempt to hide the ongoing geoengineering planetary omnicide till the last possible moment.

The key image in the science diagram above is the jet spraying "reflective particles" shown in the upper left.

So, in addition to the inaccurate terms in the "survey", did the vast majority of scientists surveyed really confirm that "chemtrails" were not real?

Why didn't the rest of the scientists excuse themselves from the survey? Keep reading and find out. When the climate engineering crimes are fully exposed to populations around the globe once and for alla complete overturning of our paradigm will commence and those in power know it.

The effort to bring the climate engineering insanity to light is gaining ground rapidly. This has caused the global controllers to push back with a pathetic piece of total propaganda that does not in any objective way, shape, or form, address the mountain of material facts which conclusively confirm that global climate engineering has long since been deployed.

Who is a primary face that we can place on the machine of criminal deception regarding the ongoing illegal geoengineering assault?

Caldeira has long since teamed up with Carnegie "Science" which has known connections to the defense industry. A look into Caldeira's past government defense department employment is shocking and revealing.

David Keith is in the same business as Caldeira, public deception. The 5 minute video below which features Dr. David Keith was also very effectively exposed by Stephen Colbert in this next 6 minute video.

Science terms were systematically avoided in the propaganda "report" pieced together by Caldeira, Keith, and company. Instead and not surprisinglyCaldeira and crew exclusively used the "chemtrails" term with one exception which is not a science term and by design does not lead to credible data.

Are we to believe that any scientists are truly free to speak openly on a subject that is clearly a national security issue at a time when any and all whistleblowers are being relentlessly prosecuted?

The ONLY scientists that might be willing to speak out under such circumstances are those that know full well they will be rewarded for supporting the official propaganda and deception. Why didn't Caldeira and his associates bother to mention massive historical senate documentspresidential reportsand military statements of objective that make clear climate engineering is not just theory or conjecture, but has long since been verifiable fact.

1 why do you think ge has invested so aggressively in foreign expansion

Why didn't Caldeira make mention of the extensive list of geoengineering patents that describe exactly what we can see with our own eyes occurring in the skies above?

Why didn't Caldeira cover the design characteristics of the " high bypass turbofan jet engine "? This engine is mounted on ALL military tankers and ALL commercial carriers and is by design nearly incapable of creating any condensation trails except under the rarest and most extreme circumstances.

Why didn't this report from Caldeira and Carnegie "science" address the fact that there are retrofit spray nozzles mounted on the aircraft pylons directly above the jet exhaust stream?

This is to create appearance of "condensation trails" when in fact what we are seeing are sprayed particulate trails.Everything is relative when it comes to money. If we all earn $1 million dollars a year and have $5 million in the bank at the age of 40, none of us are very wealthy given all our costs (housing, food, transportation, vacations) will be priced at levels that squeeze us to the very end.

As such, we must first get an idea of what the real average net worth is . The Environmental Defense Fund shared a Bloomberg article in August. The interesting aspect of the article was a video at the bottom of the article — David Keith explaining how careful planning is needed before solar engineering could be used.

Ladies and gentlemen, In just about three weeks from now, on November 5, Washington State will likely pass a ballot initiative to label GMOs.

Polling I’ve seen suggests two-thirds of voters currently approve of I Get the latest science news and technology news, read tech reviews and more at ABC News. I do think that the Covert actions will be exposed well enough to the public when a Class Action Lawsuit is Filed.

There has to be some real credible evidence to back it up and all the duck's lined up in a row properly to do that. The EPA’s decision conflicts with a March report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that found that glyphosate “probably” contributes to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in humans and classified it as a ‘Group 2A’ carcinogen.

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